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Readme for EDH dist ConEmu setup -- EDH NOTES

This project started from cmder, which itself was a compendium of software around the wonderful ConEmu.



vendor/profile.ps1 for powershell
vendor/init.bat for cmd

Use the upgrade.bat script in scripts/


As this will kill the console that it runs in - Ensure to run this in an out of ConEmu cmd.exe prompt, this can be done by pressing WIN + R keys and typing cmd.exe

add paths for new programs into:

vendor/profile.ps1 for powershell
vendor/init.bat for cmd

Prior Pitfalls

This from the cmder distribution in the ConEmu.xml config breaks Far.exe left click ,see [issue#334](<

<!-- EVIL LINE; BREAKS FAR.EXE				<value name="WndDragKey" type="dword" data="80808001"/>		-->

Main goals / Purpose

Try to maintain portability. !! trying to keep user settings in /config !! trying to keep user secure data history temporary files in %USERPROFILE% (aka the home directory)

I BELIEVE all customizations to be in: (but don't count on it): vendor/profile.ps1 vendor/init.bat config/ bin/ msys2/usr/bin/vim msys2/etc/profile scripts/helpfile vendor/irssi !!!! vendor/github-for-windows/cmd/start-ssh-agent.bat ------------> I rewrote this and it is important!!!!!

Far Manager

  1. put the conemu plugins into farmanager
  2. Erase the autowrap plugin
  3. Put the maximus wrap plugin into farmanager

Transfer Directory Structure

Git does NOT upload blank directories, but (msys2 especially) the destination machine can require these upon restoration.

To back up the directories run(in msys2/bash):

find /c/blue -type d > directory.listing

And then restore with

cat directory.list.txt | xargs mkdir