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Pump controller for deepthought

  1. Read temperature from TMP36
  2. Display on SH1106 display
  3. PWM output to PUMP
  4. (Button input to control PUMP)

ESP32 Core 2

Uses CP210x_Universal_Windows_Driver for USB->Serial chip

Pin Diagram

TMP36 temperature sensor

TMP36 Documentation

TMP36 on Adafruit
Pins: Viewing from the flat face towards me, left to right:

  1. (left) power (between 2.7 and 5.5V)
  2. (center) analog in on your microcontroller.
  3. (right) ground

The voltage out is 0V at -50°C and 1.75V at 125°C. You can easily calculate the temperature from the voltage in millivolts:
Temp °C = 100*(reading in V) - 50

Tutorial on Adafruit


ESP32 SH1106 Notes
MOSI MOSI Master in Slave out
SS RES Reset line
    | DC        | Data Command

SPI tutorial on Sparkfun