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Added a basic migration script to v2.

This should probably use south, but it'll work for anyone using any
migration system.
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1 parent cd34f2f commit 80f199d0fb280f90546a566817bb346021657a5a @ericholscher committed Sep 6, 2010
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+from django.db import connection
+cursor = connection.cursor()
+cursor.execute('alter table kong_site add column "servername" varchar(100)')
+cursor.execute('alter table kong_site drop column client_id')
+cursor.execute('alter table kong_site drop column settings')
+cursor.execute('alter table kong_site drop column pythonpath')
+cursor.execute('select site_ptr_id, servername from kong_hostedsite')
+rows = cursor.fetchall()
+names = dict([(row[0], row[1]) for row in rows])
+from kong.models import Site
+for site in Site.objects.all():
+ site.servername = names[]
+cursor.execute('delete table kong_alias')
+cursor.execute('delete table kong_client')
+cursor.execute('delete table kong_deploytarget')
+cursor.execute('delete table kong_deploytarget_servers')
+cursor.execute('delete table kong_hostedsite')
+cursor.execute('delete table kong_hostedsite_on_servers')
+cursor.execute('delete table kong_server')
+cursor.execute('delete table kong_test_sites')

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