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This is a frontend to the Inkscape command line feature to allow the user to perform batch conversions of SVG files.
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Conversion SVG

ConversionSVG is a frontend wrapper around Inkscape's command line feature. It provides users who want to perform batch conversions of their SVG files into the other file formats Inkscape can export to.



Download Conversion SVG and run it.

Libraries Used

ConversionSVG on SourceForge -- I started with metalkev64's code from SourceForge, but eventually rewrote most of it. Without his contributions, I probably would not have even started this.

Flamingo library -- I didn't want to use menu's; ever since I used Office 2007 with the Ribbon I refuse to use menus where I can and use Ribbons instead. So, upon doing some research I came across the flamingo swing component suite.

JIDE Common Layer -- I wanted to improve the way I selected files to convert, and thought of the checkbox tree I've seen in Windows. After some searching, I came across the CheckBoxTree the jide library provides.

ColorChooser Widget -- The background color selection in the original app was too slow for me, so I wondered if there was existing code that implemented a color picker. I came across the Color Picker at

fstreem on SourceForge -- I didn't want to spend a lot of time on how to access the file system in a device independent way in Java, so I did some searching on how to do this in Java and came across a SF project which provided some code that happened to work for me.

Tango Icons -- Most of the icons used are from the Tango Desktop Project.

GoSquared Flag Icons -- The flags used for language icons are a set created by Go Squared Ltd.

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