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Erich Seamon Dissertation Materials
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Erich Seamon Dissertation Supplementary Materials. "Agricultural Insurance Loss and Relationships to Climate Across the Inland Pacific Northwest Region of the United States"

University of Idaho, College of Natural Resources

The included folders contain analysis code, Rmarkdown, and data for reproducibility.

  • /data. The data folder contains all data. In order to reproduce analyses, the steps are:
  1. clone repo
  2. Run the seamon_dissertation_dataload.R file in the /data folder, within R. This will download all data and place the needed datasets into your /tmp folder.
  3. Run the Rmarkdown appendices (A, B, or C), located in the /appendices folder.
  • /appendices. Contains Rmarkdown and html that re-create appendix analyses that refer to particular chapters.

  • /code. modular code that performs analysis and modeling.

  • NOTE: Each folder (/data, /appendices, /code) have individual READMEs which describe folder contents.

  • If you have concerns or issues, please contact erich at: or

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