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Production process manager for Node.js apps with a built-in load balancer.
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Because the company ready to monitor the deployment of unified processes such as the need for a perfect tool to do these things, so there is the birth of this project, V1 to do more rough, after a period of idle, but also carried out grinding, improvement, the next will continue Update, as a major item to maintain, thank you, if you encounter problems in the use, please contact me


  • Pm86-ci command line tool compatible with PM2
  • Completely open source can be deployed on a private server, using the API to develop mobile end monitoring APP
  • Websocket transfers data
  • Easy to deploy


  • Element UI
  • Compatible with PM2
  • Independent account management system
  • Monitor application process information
  • Remote control process Reload, Restart, Rorward, Backward
  • Mail alarm notification
  • Mobile APP
  • Slow route


$ npm install pm86 -g
$ pm86 interact secret_key public_key
$ pm86 start processes.json

How to Start

Requires Node.js 6+

1. start mongodb

2. run cloud service
$ cd pm86
$ cp config.simple.json config.json
# modify config.json
$ npm install
$ node server.js

3. register account, create secret_key public_key

4.install pm86
$ npm install pm86 -g
$ cd your-project-path, create `processes.json` fole
# register you machine
$ pm86 interact secret_key public_key
# start service
$ pm86 start processes.json


if you set up a firewall such as ufw, need to open the port there: 3000, 3002, 8080. 43554, 43555, 43666

1. build
$ npm run build

2. modify nginx.conf

3. modify config

4 pm86 start processes.json

Demo Pics





email email

email email

processes.json file example

   * Application configuration section
  "apps" : [
            "name"      : "pm86",
            "max_memory_restart": "300M",
            "script"    : "index.js",
            "log_date_format": "YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm Z",
            "out_file" : "var/log/pm86/pm86_out.log",
            "error_file" : "var/log/pm86/pm86_error.log",
            "instances"  : 4,
            "exec_mode"  : "cluster",
            "env": {
                "NODE_ENV": "production"
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