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// Sound+legacyAccessors.h
// cfxr
// Created by Joachim Bengtsson on 2008-05-17.
// Copyright 2008 Third Cog Software. All rights reserved.
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#import "Sound.h"
@interface Sound (LegacyAccessors)
@property (retain) NSNumber * attackTime;
@property (retain) NSNumber * bitDepth;
@property (retain) NSNumber * changeAmount;
@property (retain) NSNumber * changeSpeed;
@property (retain) NSNumber * decayTime;
@property (retain) NSNumber * deltaSlide;
@property (retain) NSNumber * dutySweep;
@property (retain) NSNumber * highpassFilterCutoff;
@property (retain) NSNumber * highpassFilterCutoffSweep;
@property (retain) NSNumber * lowpassFilterCutoff;
@property (retain) NSNumber * lowpassFilterCutoffSweep;
@property (retain) NSNumber * lowpassFilterResonance;
@property (retain) NSNumber * minFrequencyCutoff;
@property (retain) NSNumber * waveType;
@property (retain) NSNumber * phaserOffset;
@property (retain) NSNumber * phaserSweep;
@property (retain) NSNumber * repeatSpeed;
@property (retain) NSNumber * sampleRate;
@property (retain) NSNumber * slide;
@property (retain) NSNumber * squareDuty;
@property (retain) NSNumber * startFrequency;
@property (retain) NSNumber * sustainPunch;
@property (retain) NSNumber * sustainTime;
@property (retain) NSNumber * vibratoDepth;
@property (retain) NSNumber * vibratoSpeed;
@property (retain) NSNumber * volume;
@property (retain) NSString * name;
@property (retain) NSNumber * index;
@property (retain) NSNumber * rating;
@property (assign) float sound_vol;
@property (assign) int wave_type; // waveType
@property (assign) int wav_bits;
@property (assign) int wav_freq;
@property (assign) float p_base_freq; // startFrequency
@property (assign) float p_freq_limit; // minFrequencyCutoff
@property (assign) float p_freq_ramp; // slide
@property (assign) float p_freq_dramp; // deltaSlide
@property (assign) float p_duty; // squareDuty
@property (assign) float p_duty_ramp; // dutySweep
@property (assign) float p_vib_strength; // vibratoDepth
@property (assign) float p_vib_speed; // vibratoSpeed
//@property (assign) float p_vib_delay; // <not used>
@property (assign) float p_env_attack; // attackTime
@property (assign) float p_env_sustain; // sustainTime
@property (assign) float p_env_decay; // decayTime
@property (assign) float p_env_punch; // sustainPunch
@property (assign) float p_lpf_resonance; // lowpassFilterResonance
@property (assign) float p_lpf_freq; // lowpassFilterCutoff
@property (assign) float p_lpf_ramp; // lowpassFilterCutoffSweep
@property (assign) float p_hpf_freq; // highpassFilterCutoff
@property (assign) float p_hpf_ramp; // highpassFilterCutoffSweep
@property (assign) float p_pha_offset; // phaserOffset
@property (assign) float p_pha_ramp; // phaserSweep
@property (assign) float p_repeat_speed; // repeatSpeed
@property (assign) float p_arp_speed; // changeSpeed
@property (assign) float p_arp_mod; // changeAmount
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