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  • BREAKING CHANGE: Upgrade RequireJS and r.js to v2.0.0
  • order.js was removed. See the new RequireJS 2.0 shim config.
  • Build support for empty: is now handled by r.js 2.0 natively.


  • Fix for requirejs_include_tag error when config/requirejs.yml has no paths key. Thanks to @JustinLove for the issue and failing test!


  • Build will now substitute empty: for the right-hand side of config/requirejs.yml paths entries that are URLs.
  • Documented how to configure assets hosted on a CDN.


  • Upgrade RequireJS and r.js to v1.0.8


  • Add require.js to config.assets.precompile in all environments. Closes #45. This change allows builds to work in Rails environments other than 'production', e.g. 'staging'. Thanks to @hollow for the fix.


  • Liberalize asset path filtering. 0.7.0 added filtering on the logical asset path which was too aggressive in that only .js files were allowed in builds. The RequireJS config variable logical_asset_filter has been added, which allows .js, .html, .txt files by default and is user configurable.


  • Support for almond via config.requirejs.loader = :almond in application.rb.
  • Builds with config.assets.initialize_on_precompile = false now work. This supports building on Heroku, builds with Devise, etc. all of which require that setting.
  • We should now play much better with existing Rails Engines that leverage the asset pipeline for their needs. Thanks to @hollow for the patch.


  • Fix regression in production env when paths specified in requirejs.yml.


NOTE: Upgrade to 0.6.1! This was yanked due to a regression.

  • We now generate a paths config to hit digested assets when needed (in production or when config.assets.digest is true). Fixes #20.
  • Support for generating additional data attributes on the require.js script tag via requirejs_include_tag. See README for details. Closes pull request #32; thanks to @hollow for the submission!


  • Upgrade to RequireJS and r.js 1.0.7


  • Support for Rails 3.2.x. Rails 3.1.x is also supported by this release.


  • Upgrade to RequireJS and r.js 1.0.5
  • Pull request #31, closes #30. Thanks @karelim!


  • Upgrade to RequireJS and r.js 1.0.4
  • Pulled #22, fix for asset compliation failure with no config/requirejs.yml. Thanks @arehberg!


  • Upgrade to RequireJS and r.js 1.0.3


  • This is a quick turn to fix an issue that could trigger an Anonymous mismatched define() error from require.js and/or r.js.

    The preferred way to use the helper tag is now with an argument, like so:

    <%= requirejs_include_tag "application" %>

    This usage ensures that the above helper will correctly generate a data-main attribute for the script tag. The requirejs_include_tag helper still works without an argument, and won't generate data-main in that case.

    Thanks to Andrew de Andrade for the catch.


  • Precompilation via rake assets:precompile is now implemented.
  • gem configuration via application.js is deprecated.
  • Application-specific require.js configuration lives in config/requirejs.yml.
  • See README for updated usage details.


  • Fixed stupid problems with Rails::Engine instantiation.
  • Test improvements
  • Upgrade to RequireJS 1.0.2


  • Birthday!
  • This gem makes require.js and the order.js plugin available to the Rails 3 Asset Pipeline.