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make deps (error) #1

cinch opened this Issue · 1 comment

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tried compiling mre. i'm using the latest git version of rust. should i try it with 0.3 ?

% make deps
cargo install mongrel2
info: syncing source: central...
info: synced source: central
info: installing central/mongrel2 via git...
./mongrel2.rc:10:0: 10:6 error: expected crate directive
./mongrel2.rc:10 import result::{result, ok, err};
rust: task failed at 'explicit failure', /home/david/src/rust/src/libsyntax/
rust: domain main @0xa071a0 root task failed
rust: task failed at 'killed', /home/david/src/rust/src/libcore/
make: *** [deps] Error 101


same problem with cargo. rust version 0.4

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