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Rust zeromq bindings.
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Rust ZeroMQ bindings.

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rust-zmq uses cargo to install. Users should add this to their Cargo.toml file:

git = ""

Install for developers:

% git clone
% cd rust-zmq
% cargo build


rust-zmq is a pretty straight forward port of the C API into Rust:

extern crate zmq;

fn main() {
    let mut ctx = zmq::Context::new();

    let mut socket = match ctx.socket(zmq::REQ) {
      Ok(socket) => { socket },
      Err(e) => { panic!(e) }

    match socket.connect("tcp://") {
      Ok(()) => (),
      Err(e) => panic!(e)

    match socket.send_str("hello world!", 0) {
      Ok(()) => (),
      Err(e) => panic!(e)

You can find more usage examples in

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