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A utility to track time in my D&D game.
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A utility used to track the passage of time in D&D games.


Rather than have sheets of checkboxes to tick off as time passes in my games, I will just run this application and click off the buttons.

Since in my game, the world doesn't track exact time, and just a general "daytime", "noon", "evening", etc, the tracker provides those names to go with the more exact time that I use as a DM. The names used match those used in the Forgotten Realms, and they adjust depending on the time of year (winter days grow shorter and summer days grow longer). So when a PC asks, "What time is it?" I give them this more general name rather than an exact time.

At the end of a session, I just note where we left off, and before the next session begins, I set the time in the app after I start it up.

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