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An easy-to-browse directory of Clojure libraries


FIXME: write


FIXME: write

Development plans

Data sources

  • Clojars: list of libraries
  • Github API: corresponding repositories, list of projects in which each library is used, patterns of co-usage, weighting by closeness to (connection strength based on amount of contribution from one user is sitting in another user's repositories or watched by that user)
  • Hacker news, via and list of Clojure-related articles, including title, rating, submission date, user, HN link, off-site link, and list of mentioned libraries
  • Clojure subreddit: used similar to HN data

Information displayed on site

Strategies for data analysis


Copyright (C) 2010 Eric Lavigne

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.