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A simple javascript application to display draggable tickets on a web page.

Why another kanban app ?

The motivation is to have a simple tool that one can host easily in an offline java environment. Unfortunately, there are no plan to sell an hosted version of trello. And alternatives to trello are all web-based products or non open-source.

We started from Simple-kanban since it does the job quite well. After bummping versions of both jquery and the jQuery List DragSort plugin, @seblm realized that JQuery UI already have the native feature to sort out elements of a page. And then we are significantly deriving from simple kanban...

How to use it ?

mvn jetty:run

Where the data is stored ?

The data is stored in memory server side. It is not persisted when the server shutdown.

Can I use it for a team ?

This tool supports several web clients. There is a websocket implementation to support updates : any story modification is reflected on other clients.

This is not kanban

This version does not currently supports column creation. Only 3 columns are created by default.

The plan

Look at the issues for the roadmap. Feel free to submit a feature or fork it.