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A bulk FTP transfer library
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Handles tranfering many files at once over FTP using a higher level api than net/ftp from the standard library.


require 'ftp_transfer'
  host: '',
  user: 'user',
  pass: 'password',
  local_dir: '~/files-to-send').upload('file-upload-dir')

  host: '',
  user: 'user',
  pass: 'password',
  local_dir: '~/received-files').download('file-download-dir')

Optional Settings (Examples):

port: 21212 # defaults to 21
pattern: '*.jpg'

Only applies for uploads:

archive_dir: '~/archived-files'

The pattern option will default to '*' when not specified.

Specifying the archive directory option keeps a copy of the transferred files locally in the given directory. There is not currently an archive option for the download method (Pull requests welcome!).

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