Contributing to KoGrid

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##Building KoGrid KoGrid uses Grunt as its build system. It's really simple and easy ... so don't get scared by it.

  1. Grunt is a Module built on top of NodeJS, which you can install from here
  2. Install Grunt on your machine using NodeJS, just open a command prompt and type: npm install -g grunt
  3. Grunt also will run your unit tests - but it needs PhantomJS to do so, so look at this - you'll also want PhantomJS to be in your PATH see here
  4. Finally just navigate to your repo directory and type grunt.cmd (if on Windows) or just grunt

Grunt will work through the repo and do the following (check out the grunt.js file in the root of the repo)

  • Concatenate all of KoGrid's javascript files into one debug script and place that in the /Dist folder
  • Minify the debug script and create a .min.js file in the /Dist folder
  • possibly more if we want to get fancy