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ng-fullstack is a yeoman generator that allows you to rapidly get started with prototyping web applications with the newest technologies available. It allows you to choose between a client app, a server app or a fullstack app. All of them simple to extend and powerful to use.

Getting Started

$ npm install -g generator-ng-fullstack

Then, to create a new app, simply run:

$ yo ng-fullstack

A few questions will be shown, make sure you answer them and, there you go! Now you have the boilerplate app working.

Type less, create more

By installing ngf you'll speed up your development by using the official generator-ng-fullstack alias. It shortens significantly the amount of stuff you type.

$ npm install -g ngf


In the wiki you'll find: pro tips, the sub-generators, FAQ, Troubleshooting, walkthroughs and much more.


Do you have a doubt, want to talk about something cool or just want to chat? Join us on the gitter chat 😄


Pull requests, helping others solving issues, improving the Wiki, among other tasks, are all valid, and more than welcome, contributions - don't hesitate.


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