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Creating a Meeting

Editing a Meeting


Editing a Recording

Hiding a recording

Deleting a Recording

Backup & Restore

Backup and Restore does not currently work. It will be included in the future.


Recoding Manager

User Manager

Common Errors

WebEx exception XXXXXXX when creating new user

This error means the plugin is running into an error when trying to create a user for the meeting action you are attempting (generally creating a meeting).

There are two main reasons this occurs:

  1. The Webex site is configured with SSO logins, or some other federated user setup.
  2. The user configured in the plugin config is not a true Webex admin user.

In case 1, the plugin is simply not allowed to create users as needed. This is a limitation of the Webex API, and the general idea behind federated user management. In case 2, the simplest answer is to reconfigure the plugin with an admin Webex user.

That being said, there is a workaround to either of these.

In the plugin config, make sure that Username Prefix is empty. Then you need to make sure that Moodle users who use the Webex plugin already have a matching account in Webex. The username and email address need to match.