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We now have the ability to preview the notebooks before they are deployed! (Hooray, no need to locally build!)

Added a few things to requirements.txt

* Pinned nbconvert to before 6.0
* Add pyprojroot to requirements.txt
* Add pyjanitor
* Updated nxviz version
* Using latest version of custom package for build

Also did a few cleanups.

* Got rid of admonition
* Add netlify TOML config

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Network Analysis Made Simple

Build Status

Welcome to the GitHub repository for Network Analysis Made Simple! This is a tutorial designed to teach you the basic and practical aspects of graph theory. It has been presented at multiple conferences (PyCon, SciPy, PyData, and ODSC) in a variety of formats (ranging from 1.5 hr to 4 hour long workshops). The material is designed for a live tutorial presentation, with the code available for you to reference afterwards.

Getting Started

Head over to the official website!

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