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Added minimum left and top properties for positioning the dialog #2

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Hey Eric, I noticed that if you size down the browser, it doesn't constrain the top or left position properties. This causes the dialog to be positioned "off screen" in a window that is shorter or narrower than the centered dialog.

I added two options for minLeft and minTop (with generic defaults of 0) to check against when calculating position.

Hope you find this as useful as I did, thanks!


Thanks Jason! I hope to find some time soon to review a few changes and get a new version out.


Hi Jason, thanks for the contribution. Do you think it is necessary to create additional options, or could this be "hard-coded" to keep the dialog within window boundaries?


I think it at a minimum it should simply constrain to the window boundaries (0,0). I added the option since I wanted additional margins between my modal dialog and the window so the user with a small window would be able to see some of the overlay on the left and top.

I can understand you wouldn't want the option list to grow out of control, and personally I think "hard-coding" it in for now would be the most important to update. Could always go back and add the additional options later if other users bring it up.

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