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Instructions for LemonStand theme: "Persona"


This package contains a CMS export of the theme, with file name cms.lca. In order to import this theme, please follow these instructions.

  1. Log in to your LemonStand store.
  2. Select the CMS section from the menu.
  3. Select Themes from the sub-menu. If you do not see Themes, please make sure your installation is up-to-date.
  4. Choose Import theme.
  5. Click Choose file, locate and select persona.lca from your harddrive, and then choose Import.
  6. Allow LemonStand to upload and import the CMS theme.
  7. Follow the configuration instructions below.

Please note the CMS templates (pages, partials, layouts) will be merged with any already existing in your store. Alternatively, and for version control, the templates directory contains filesystem CMS templates.

This package contains module dependencies, located in the modules directory. Please follow these instructions.

  1. In the modules directory, please select all folders, right click, and copy them.
  2. Go to the modules directory in your LemonStand installation, right click, and paste them.


These instructions assume that you already have this theme imported into your LemonStand store.

Much of this theme can be customized through the site:settings CMS partial. This includes company title, social networking links, meta data, page paths (must match existing pages), and more.

Site settings can be accessed in the following way, for example: $site_settings->company->title or $this->render_partial('site:settings')->company->title.


  • Any PSDs used to create the layout, are in the design folder.
  • Dialog message box text is located in the themes/persona/resources/js/main.js file.


Please visit the LemonStand forums ( for community support.

Bugs & Updates

Please check the repository for updates: