Command-line gradebook software, powered by Bash and recutils
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gb -- a Bash and recutils gradebook

Last updated: Dec. 31, 2017


This program grew out of three converging issues: an interest in learning and using the text-based, human-editable recutils format for storing information; a frustration with the limited capabilities of the gradebook feature of Blackboard; and a desire to have fine-grained control, preferably from the command line, over both individual student records as well as aggregate class statistics.

gb is intended as a helper program, to augment manual editing of the text-based gradebook in recutils format, though over time the program has been made capable of handling most common gradebook tasks.

Operating philosophy

gb is built around a gradebook in which every assignment is an "item" that is found within a "category." Each "category" is given some specified percent of the overall course grade. The category's share of the grade is distributed equally across all the individual items in the category.

Let's say a student's grade is made up of two exams, each worth 25% of the final grade; a series of five quizzes, collectively worth 30% of the course grade, and an essay, worth 20% of the course grade. The grading schema might look like so:

  • category "exams", worth 50% of final grade; items "midterm" and "final"
  • category "quizzes", worth 30% of final grade; items "quiz1" through "quiz5"
  • category "essay", worth 20% of final grade; one item "essay"

A category can be set to automatically drop the lowest grade -- for example, six quizzes might be taken, but the lowest one dropped. An item may also count as a "bonus" within a category.

The category/item structure means that impromptu or unexpected assignments, such as a pop quiz or a graded discussion, can be added to a category without impacting the balance of the grading for the rest of the course. If, for example, one category was "participation" grades, an instructor could add assignments, skip them, or add bonus items without impacting the overall proportion of the course grade allocated to the various categories.


Download and locate somewhere in your $PATH. Ensure dependencies are met (gb will check for them, but Bash is also needed).


gb help (or simply gb) provides a synopsis of available commands.


Developed on a Debian Linux system. Suggestions to enhance portability to other Unix-like systems would be welcomed, though Bash will continue to be required because of readrec.