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Indego Bike Share Python Library


I have tried to make a re-usable Python library for the Philadelphia Indego Bike Share API!

I wrote this similarly to my existing Indego PHP library.

Check out the City of Philadelphia GitHub if you think this library is interesting!

I created (source code) using this library as well


Installation of this library should be as simple as running:

pip install indego


Please note that this library is only compatible with Python 3+. Python 2 is not supported.


When combined with the provided Indego class, the following code will generate the example output:

from indego import Indego

# Instantiate the Indego class
indego = Indego()

# Retrieve and print "university" stations
uni_stations = indego.get_stations('university')

# Show how many stations were returned above
uni_count = len(uni_stations)
print(uni_count, 'stations returned')


$ python3
{3008: {'addressStreet': '1076 Berks Street', 'addressCity': 'Philadelphia', 'addressState': 'PA', 'addressZipCode': '19122', 'bikesAvailable': 3, 'closeTime': '03:55:00', 'docksAvailable': 16, 'eventEnd': None, 'eventStart': None, 'isEventBased': False, 'isVirtual': False, 'isVisible': False, 'kioskId': 3008, 'kioskPublicStatus': 'Active', 'kioskStatus': 'FullService', 'name': 'Temple University Station', 'notes': None, 'openTime': '04:00:00', 'publicText': '', 'timeZone': 'Eastern Standard Time', 'totalDocks': 19, 'trikesAvailable': 0, 'kioskConnectionStatus': 'Active', 'kioskType': 1, 'latitude': 39.98078, 'longitude': -75.15055, 'hasGeofence': False, 'classicBikesAvailable': 3, 'smartBikesAvailable': 0, 'electricBikesAvailable': 0, 'isArchived': False}, 3020: {'addressStreet': '3051 South St.', 'addressCity': 'Philadelphia', 'addressState': 'PA', 'addressZipCode': '19147', 'bikesAvailable': 11, 'closeTime': '03:55:00', 'docksAvailable': 24, 'eventEnd': None, 'eventStart': None, 'isEventBased': False, 'isVirtual': False, 'isVisible': False, 'kioskId': 3020, 'kioskPublicStatus': 'Active', 'kioskStatus': 'FullService', 'name': 'University City Station', 'notes': None, 'openTime': '04:00:00', 'publicText': '', 'timeZone': 'Eastern Standard Time', 'totalDocks': 35, 'trikesAvailable': 0, 'kioskConnectionStatus': 'Active', 'kioskType': 1, 'latitude': 39.94922, 'longitude': -75.19036, 'hasGeofence': False, 'classicBikesAvailable': 11, 'smartBikesAvailable': 0, 'electricBikesAvailable': 0, 'isArchived': False}}
2 stations returned

Providing an argument/filter to get_stations() to limit the selection of stations only limits the results within the Indego class. The API end-point itself always returns all stations.

Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a signifcant amount of documentation for the API being used nor does there seem to be any parameters available to limit the stations being retrieved from the API.

Calling get_stations() without any arguments will return a list of all (currently, 132) stations.

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