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Udacity Deep Laerning Foundations Nanodegree

Project 4: Language Translation

In this project, i'll going to take a peek into the realm of neural network machine translation. You’ll be training a sequence to sequence model on a dataset of English and French sentences that can translate new sentences from English to French.

Running using conda!

Run this in command line

Step 1: Create a new environment

conda create --name language-translation python=3

Step 2: Use the new env

source activate language-translation

Step 3: Install dependencies

conda install -c conda-forge tensorflow=1.2.0
conda install numpy jupyter notebook

Step 4: Open the notebook to run it

jupyter notebook dlnd_language_translation.ipynb

Project structure

This folder contains files for Udacity Deep Laerning Foundations Nanodegree Project 4: Language Translation.

dlnd_language_translation.ipynb - Main project file.

dlnd_language_translation.html - Language translation results file.

problem_unittests.py - Unit tests provided by Udacity.

helper.py - Help functions provided by Udacity.

data/simpsons/moes_tavern_lines.txt - Some lines from a chapter of "The Simpsons" that will be used as input for the generation of a new scipt.