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AGS Docs

This is a work in progress, this repository will at some point store a fork of the Adventure Game Studio Documentation, you can read it here.

You can read in a webpage here.

Building the documentation

The docs should be written in Markdown, inside the Markdown folder.

When updated, just run the script

This script is temporary, soon documentation will be migrated to ReStructured Text only since the support for it in Sphinx is better.

How it works

This script will create rst files, place them in the source folder and then fix the links (switching .md to .html) and then it will use Sphinx to generate the html files. The html files are going to be used in the webpage.

After it will use Sphinx again to generate the QtHelp file to be used inside FGMK itself.


The script requires: sphinx, sphinx_rtd_theme (both on python3) and pandoc installed.


This documentation was not created by me, I just stored it here with the purpose of findout how to make it more maintanable

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