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This is an editor for making 2D RPG games. Games are composed of plain text files, images and a index.html file containing the engine.

These plain text files are easy to read by software and humans.

Click here to try a demo game (4MB size).

Recommended Install and Run

This software is available under PyPI as fgmk. For installing pip3 in Ubuntu, use sudo apt install python3-pip.

pip3 install fgmk

After install, just open a terminal and type:


Windows install and run

Installation on Windows with pip

In Windows, install Python 3 from, and then open cmd.exe and type (press enter after):

python -m pip install fgmk

To run, you can type the following in cmd.exe or the run... prompt

python -m fgmk

Alternative Installation and Running methods

From Source Installation

Clone this repository, meet the dependencies and install this with pip3.

git clone
cd fgmk
pip3 install .

Running from source

Clone this repository, meet the dependencies and type python3 -m fgmk

git clone
cd fgmk
python3 -m fgmk


This tool is written using Python 3. Needs pillow, numpy and PyQt5 - you can apt install python3-pyqt5 and similar (in Ubuntu) or use pip.

If you satisfy all dependencies you don't need to install, and can run from source.

Experimental compatibility to python2 (2.7 and on) is added to versions above 0.3.0 .


The docs are available in the website:

You can also browse the docs after opening the interface, by clicking in Help.

This is the Quickstart.

If you wish to edit the docs, they are here as markdown files.


Please take a look to the file.


Made by Érico Vieira Porto


Distributed under GPLv2 license. See LICENSE for more information

Known Issues with PyQt5 in Ubuntu

Application has no keyboard shortcuts

If instead of using pip3 you are installing dependencies using apt install, the menu will be nicely integrated. Unfortunately, keyboard shortcuts won't work.

Details in the bug here