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Icon fgmkJsEngine

This a javascipt engine to play games made with fgmk.

Game Screenshot

Engine demo

Use WASD to move and IJ to interact in this demo (4MB):

On mobile these keys will be displayed on the touch area, just hold the phone in vertical position.

If you are in a computer, this demo is compatible with a Xbox360 gamepad, just plug it in the usb port of your computer and you are good to go.

Game Screenshot

NOTE: if you clone, go into src/ and the index.html doesn't run in Chrome, open with Firefox. Chrome requires a server (I use node http-server) for loading the json files.

How does this works

It uses a specific set of json files that are read by the engine. There is some description on here, in the fgmk docs.


Music by avgvsta, from opengameart.


Made by Érico Vieira Porto


Distributed under MIT license. See LICENSE for more information.