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label_all_git: Automatically Initialize Git Repositories For New Projects
label_delete_git_repositories: Delete Git Repository When Project is Deleted
label_git_server: Gitolite Server Domain
label_http_server: HTTP Server Domain (for git http urls)
label_git_user: Git Username
label_gitolite_identity_public_key_file: Gitolite SSH Identity File (Public Key)
label_gitolite_identity_file: Gitolite SSH Identity File (Private Key)
label_git_repository_base_path: Git Repository Base Path (Relative to git user home)
field_git_daemon: Git Daemon
field_git_http: Git Smart HTTP
field_notify_cia: Notify
label_git_show_urls: "Show checkout URL's"
label_enabled: Enabled
label_disabled: Disabled
label_https_only: HTTPS Only
label_https_and_http: HTTPS and HTTP
label_permissions_header: Required Permissions
label_sudo_web_to_git_user: Web user is able to sudo to Git user?
label_sudo_git_to_web_user: Git user is able to sudo to Web user?
label_copy_to_clipboard: "Copy to clipboard"
label_git_hook_header: Repository Hooks
label_git_hook_debug: Run hooks in Debug mode
label_git_hooks_are_asynchronous: Run hooks asynchronously
label_hook_installed: Hook installed
label_public_keys: Public keys
label_public_key_new: New public key
field_public_key: Key
notice_public_key_updated: Public key was successfully updated.
notice_public_key_added: Public key was successfully added.
label_key_cannot_be_changed_please_create_new_key: 'The key cannot be altered anymore. However, you can deactivate it and create a new one.'
'may not be changed': 'may not be changed'
label_git_cache_max_time: Max Cache Time
label_git_cache_max_elements: Max Cache Elements
label_git_cache_max_size: Max Cache Element Size
label_git_cache_parameters: Git Cache Parameters
label_no_public_keys: No Public Keys Defined
project_not_found: 'No project was found with the identifier "%{identifier}"'
cia_not_enough_permissions: You don't have the required permissions to test notifications.
field_notify_cia_test: Test Notification
cia_notification_ok: Notification to sent.
label_update_all_hooks: Update ALL repositories hook settings
field_private_key: Private Key
field_private_key_warning: "Do not use your own Private Key!<br/>Please generate a new one and upload it to the mirror server."
label_mirror_create: Create Repository Mirror
label_mirror_delete: Delete Repository Mirror
label_mirror_edit: Edit Repository Mirror
mirror_notice_deleted: Mirror was successfully deleted
mirror_notice_created: Mirror was successfully created
mirror_notice_updated: Mirror was successfully updated
mirror_notice_create_failed: Failed to create mirror
button_push: Push
button_push_title: "Push To Mirror"
mirror_push_info_html: "Pushing changes to mirror <b>%{mirror_url}</b> ... %{status}"
mirror_push_output_label: 'Output:'
mirror_push_sucess: Success.
mirror_push_fail: Failed!
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