Generate Web Help Desk tickets from a Google Spreadsheet
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Generate Web Help Desk tickets from a Google Spreadsheet



WHD (aka "Solarwinds Web Help Desk") makes creating a ticket a simple task for our employees. Sometimes, however, our employees feel that they have a question that isn't a problem or is too minor to "bug" tech support. These questions can be like "which word processing programs are available to me," "how many students are in the District," or "can I access my email from home?"


We built a Google Form that collects the employee's username and asks for the non-problem question. The form-response spreadsheet records the timestamp, username, and the question.

Since the Google Form and WHD are running on two different systems, we need a way to take the Google Form response and import it into WHD. script serves as a conduit between our WHD and the Ask-A-Tech Google Form.

A cronjob on the server runs once every 10 minutes and reads through the default worksheet. If it finds any records, it converts those records to JSON and submits them to Web Help Desk via the WHD REST API. Once the record is submitted, the record gets moved to the archive worksheet within the form results spreadsheet.

NOTE: We are not letting this be an easier way to submit tickets when an actual technical problem exists. When Ask-A-Tech is used by a client for that purpose, the first-level tech we have assigned to Ask-A-Tech tickets replies back that this appears to be a technical issue and to please submit a ticket. That way, we can track rooms, buildings, assets, etc.


  • Python 2.6+ (tested on Python 2.6.6 and 2.7.6)
    • NOTE: This has not been used in Python 3+
  • GData Python Library
  • Solarwinds Web Help Desk 12+
  • Google Form
    • Google Form requires user login
    • Google Form keeps timestamp
    • Google Form has only one field titled "Question?" (with or without the question mark, upper- or lower-case)
    • An account to use in the script that has "edit" rights to the form response sheet


Prepare the Ask-A-Tech Google Form

Build your ask-a-tech Google Form to require a username. Keep the timestamp, username, and "question" field.

Your "ask-a-tech (response)" (or similar) spreadsheet will appear similar to the following:

Timestamp Username Question?
1/13/2014 12:15:00 What is your quest?
1/15/2014 14:25:35 What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Add a second worksheet to this spreadsheet. Give it a logical name, like "archive." This is where all of the ask-a-tech questions will go once they have been processed by

Prepare the python scripts on your server

Copy the and files to a location on your server. Rename or copy "" to "". Edit "" so that the appropriate fields match your setup. Example:

gapps['email'] = ''


gapps['email'] = ''


whd['apikey'] = ''


whd['apikey'] = 'thisIsMyFakeWebHelpDeskAPIKey'

Set up a cronjob or a Windows task to launch the on a regular basis. As an example, we have a cronjob to launch python /location/to/script/ every 10 minutes.


For your convenience, a log file "ask-a-tech_error.log" is created in the same directory in which these scripts are running. As its name suggests, it logs the times when an error stops the script from running.