Find out how your project is really doing
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FogBugz Project Dashboard

See how your project is really doing.

Using this Web App, easily find out:

  • Where the project is according to original timeline, how many work days already passed and remaining
  • Which tasks have been estimated and which haven’t been, by whole project and each developer
  • Which of the developers will be on time, and which are behind
  • Status of QA, how many tasks left to test, how much time left? Is it enough to finish under deadline


Check out the demo here:

Login: demo/demo


Latest Release is 2.0, available from:

Installation guide is here:

Installation Guide

Description of settings you can customize:

Configuration Parameters


Status Dashboard

Status Dashboard

Advanced Dashboard

Advanced Dashboard

Cases By User

Cases By User


If you are interested in custom features and integration with 3rd party systems - we can do it for you. Please contact us at: support at entechsolutions dot com.

Also if you like this product and are looking for a team of the very best .NET engineers to help you with your technology needs, write to us and we will get back to you shortly. Contact us at: support at entechsolutions dot com.