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Adds [iajsfiddle] shortcode to Wordpress.
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jsfiddle-plugin v1.1b

Now Available through the Wordpress Plug-in Repository:

Adds functionality for an [iajsfiddle] shortcode to Wordpress that allows quick and easy embedding of JSFiddles.

This plug-in adds a custom user contact method to the User Profile page for a JSFiddle username, but will also allow admins to define the custom field to use for this contact method, in case a developer has already altered contact methods and added a field for JSFiddle.

This shortcode pulls in a user's JSFiddle and allows configurable height, width, and supports custom skins, too. You can also include a JSFiddle from another user, by providing the username and id of the JSFiddle.

The plug-in creates a custom metabox on the Edit Post and Edit Page admin pages that contains a list of all the user's JSFiddles and allows them to generate a shortcode to be copied and pasted into the editor.

The plug-in supports custom JSFiddle skins, and allows the admin to define a folder where custom skins will be uploaded.

The plug-in has a theme manager file and class that can be run via the Wordpress cron function (or set up as a regular cronjob by developers) and retrieves all current skins in the defined skins directory and uses them to populate the Skin dropdown in the shortcode generating metabox.

This plug-in is in its beta phase; it functions, but has only been lightly tested. It has not been internationalized or set up for multi-site network integration.

It is a work in progress, though it is getting close to where I want it.


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