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** Creating map tiles:
- Clone
- Download TileMill from
- Tell TileMill to look for the MapBox directory inside your clone above
- Open UNL project
- Add .shp layers:
- lnk-highway and lnk-polygons
- give them those IDs
- Style
- Export->MBTiles
- Filename: unl.mbtiles
- Zoom: 14-17
- Center: -96.6822,40.8279,14
- Bounds: -96.737,40.7984,-96.6414,40.8502
cd UNL_OpenMap_Resources/tiles
cp ../MBTiles-extractor/
rm ../MapBox/export/unl.export*
mv ../MapBox/export/unl.mbtiles unl.mbtiles
python unl.mbtiles
- symbolic link or copy tiles/unl to the UNL_OpenMap project at www/images/tiles/unl/
** Updating Map Features:
Updating Lat/Long for Buildings
1. Sourced from UNL_Geography_SpatialData_Campus project
Updating Buildings List/Codes
1. Replace the /data/all_buildings.csv file obtained from FMP (Currently adjustments are made by UCOMM in additional_buildings.csv to compensate for things like SELQ, MEMS)
2. Make sure all values (commas,quotes) are properly escaped in it
3. Run /data/csv_to_array.php to replace and
Updating Other Features
1. Features such as Emergency Phones, Police Stations, etc are in /data as georss xml files