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<content type="html"><![CDATA[<h2>Welcome!</h2>
<p>I now have a blog!</p>
<p>Why start now after years of blogosphere silence, you ask? Well...</p>
<p>In the past two weeks I have been to both <a href="">ChefConf</a> and <a href="">DevOpsDaysAustin</a>. Both of these events were full of incredibly
smart, genuinely passionate, and accessable folks who were all a pleasure to talk to. I learned a lot, and tried to share with others as much as I could. But alas, the conferences are over and I'd like to keep the ball rolling. So...</p>
<p>This blog will be a collection of my thoughts and opinions, heavily influenced by and/or outright stolen from others (with appropriate credits/sources).</p>
<p>Without the great conversation and tooling coming from the community, I'd have nothing. I hope to share a few things that will help others, and learn from anybody interested enough to leave a comment!</p>
<p>I'll also probably post a bit about Music and DadOps stuff here and there...</p>
<p>Let's see where this goes!</p>
<p><em>... and let's hope I don't just abandon it after 3 posts.</em></p>
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