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wpfview initial checkin of the code from 2007, updated for .NET Core 3 Preview 3 Apr 10, 2019


This woodworking CAD app was a side project of mine back around 2007. I recently dusted off the code and got it running on .NET Core 3.

And just in case it might be of interest to anybody else, I am posting it here as open source, Apache License v2.

Once you have the prerequisites (.NET Core 3 Preview 3 on Windows), you should be able to run the app with:

cd wpfview
dotnet run

The sd directory contains the core solid modeling code as a .NET Standard 2.0 library with no dependencies.

The sd_tests directory has NUnit tests which can be run with:

cd sd_tests
dotnet test

Note that I currently have no plans to continue working on this app.

See my blog entry for more information.

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