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A "compiler" that can take a WebAssembly/WASI module and convert it to a .NET assembly
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This is a .NET compiler for WebAssembly modules, including support for WASI.

Specifically, it can take a WebAssembly module and translate it into a .NET assembly on disk.

The resulting DLL is not interpreted -- it contains the same functions as the WebAssembly module, translated from Wasm instructions to CIL instructions.

This is designed to be used with Clang 8 and wasi-sysroot. In that sense, this provides a way to compile C/C++ for .NET, using Wasm as a halfway point. Like an alternative to pinvoke.

(Rust should hopefully work too, but I haven't tried that yet.)

All of this is very much a work in progress.

But the current status is that some basic things do work. Working test apps in this repo include a small ray tracer and a basic port of SQLite. The latter can read and write SQLite database files that seem to be fully interoperable with "regular" SQLite builds.

Still, I suggest you not try using this for anything serious yet.

The subdirectories of this repo have README files with a bit more info.

See my blog entry for more information.

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