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This directory is where I am working toward getting sqlite to build and run.

sqlite3.c is an unmodified copy of the SQLite amalgamation version 3.26.0

vfs.c is the SQLite "demo" VFS, slightly modified to remove the call to getcwd(). Note that this VFS is lacking a lot of functionality, so it's just a placeholder I am using for development.

shell.c is the SQLite shell, with several modifications needed for the Wasi platform. will use clang 8 to compile the code to create sqlite3.wasm

in ./build is a little program that converts sqlite3.wasm into sqlite3.dll, a .NET assembly.

in ./go is a little program to run sqlite3.dll

The result is the SQLite shell application, running in entirely managed code. For basic cases, it kinda works. For example:

dotnet run test.sqlite

type SQL statements to create a table and insert some rows


then, using the regular SQLite shell, open test.sqlite
and see that the managed code has written a database that
seems valid.
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