Tool similar to GNU Stow to manage symlinks on Windows.
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Stow Lite

Please note that this tool's behavior is different from stow's default behavior.

Implements a behavior very similar to a small subset of [GNU stow][stow] operations. It is sufficient for my needs when working on Windows. [stow]:

If the name of any file or directory in the stow directory matches one of the regular expressions in .stow-local-ignore, then it is ignored. If a directory is not ignored, then it is symlinked using Windows' mklink command. There is no way to ignore certain files/directories in a symlinked directory. No attempt is made to determine ownership of files; files will be overwritten with no warning.

If your Windows account is a regular user (non-administrator), then you must enable privileges for creating symlinks. After research, it appears that Administrator accounts cannot create symlinks. The easiest solution is to open a console that is run in Administrator mode.