Sample AngularJS CRUD app with an HTML5 signature pad
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UPDATE: this is very old. it uses an old version of Angular, and the backends no longer work. It is here for posterity only. Not as a learning tool. Use at your own risk.

AngularJS SignIt!

This is a sample CRUD appliction created with the AngularJS framework. It is very simple - a user picks a 'petition' from a select box, and fills out the three form fields. After drawing a signature on the canvas, clicking Save will add the form data to the Signatories list. and StackMob

There are two different back-end database providers used in this app. By default, the app uses neither service, but rather a simple backbone.js model to temporarily store data. Once the browser is refreshed, the data is gone.

By adding parse to the end of the URL, the application will then use to save and retrieve signatures. My own API keys are hard coded in the app, but you can get your own API keys for free at

In order to use StackMob as a back-end provider, the application must be hosted on StackMob's servers. A StackMob account is also free ( You can try this version by forking this project, changing the StackMob init values, and deploying in your own StackMob account.

##Yeoman This application was created with Yeoman ( and the angular template.
If you have Yeoman installed, you can clone this entire project and run Yeoman build to kick off the build process. Files are put into the dist folder, which can then be deployed to your server.