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This is a Magento module to show information in the System Configuration when a field is overridden at more specific scope(s), along with information about these scope(s).


Install via modman:

$ cd <magento root>
$ modman init # if you've never used modman before
$ modman clone


After installing the module, when viewing a system configuration field, an alert bulb will be shown next to the field scope when the field's value is overridden at a more specific level.

The icon is only shown when the value is overridden at a more specific scope than the current one – that is, if viewing at the default scope, overrides at the website or store view level are shown, but if viewing at the website level, only overrides below the currently selected website are shown.

Clicking on the notification bulb displays a detailed list of the exact scope(s) that override the value, with links directly to those scopes.

Screenshot of system config scope hints module


I avoid Magento rewrites, and so should you.

In the interest of full disclosure, this module rewrites adminhtml/system_config_form block to alter a single method.

This method unfortunately does not dispatch any events, so I feel that this rewrite was necessary.


This module has been tested on CE 1.9.0 and greater, and EE 1.14.0 and greater. Due to significant changes in the rewritten block in earlier versions, they can have varying degrees of compatibility. If you have tried this module on an earlier version, I'd appreciate any feedback on the compatibility.