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Adds support to Magento to optionally use PHP's native password hashing functionality for customer and admin password hashing and validation.


According to PHP password hashing FAQ, the hashing algorithms used by Magento (MD5 on Community Edition, SHA256 on Enterprise Edition) are not optimal; it's safer to use instead PHP's native password API.


The module will use native PHP API for PHP versions 5.5.0 and greater, and a compatibility library to add support for versions as old as 5.3.7. If the system does not meet the PHP requirements, the system configuration option will throw an exception if it is enabled in system configuration.

Build Status

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Installation via modman

$ cd <magento root>
$ modman init # if you've never used modman on this Magento instance
$ modman clone

Be sure to flush your cache after installation!


This module's functionality is disabled by default. To use, visit System -> Configuration -> Customers -> Customer Configuration -> Password Options -> Use PHP Native Password Hashing and set to Yes.

Any new customer or admin accounts will use the native hashing API.

Configuration Options

  • Use PHP Native Password Hashing: This setting fundamentally enables or disables the native password API functionality. Disabled by default.
  • Password Hashing Cost: Password hash cost, in the range [4-31]. See crypt() documentation for more information. 10 by default.
  • Rehash Legacy Passwords: If set to yes, customer passwords hashed using legacy algorithms will be rehashed using PHP native API after successful authentication. For stores migrating to more secure password storage, this is essential. NOTE: this does not affect admin password hashes. To improve admin password security, admins should change password at the soonest opportunity.


Any passwords created while the module is enabled will be hashed using the PHP API. If the module is subsequently disabled (either by app/etc/modules or system configuration), the passwords will not validate until they are either reset or the module is reenabled.


Why is your app/etc/modules file named "Ew_NativePasswords" when the module's namespace is "EW_NativePasswords"?

Magento Enterprise edition hijacks the encryption model. In order to further hijack it to use the PHP native API, the module must be loaded after the Enterprise_Pci module (if it exists). Due to an implementation detail of Magento module loading, slightly renaming the app/etc/module filename accomplishes this. While this is a workaround, it avoid rewriting the core/data helper, so I found it to be an acceptable trade off, so I will use it until I discover a better way.

See Mage_Core_Helper_Data::getEncryptor() and config node global/helpers/core/encryption_model.


Adds support to Magento to optionally use PHP's native password hashing functionality.







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