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This is a module to optionally log untranslated strings as they are discovered by locale.


Install via modman:

$ cd <magento root>
$ modman init # if you've never used modman before
$ modman clone


Visit System -> Config -> Developer -> Untranslated Strings -> Log Untranslated Strings and set it to Yes to enable untranslated string logging. When pages are rendered, any string missing translations for the current locale is logged.

To log results from more than one locale at a time, enable System -> Config -> Developer -> Untranslated Strings -> Batch Check Translation Locales, then select some locales in the multiselect below. With this enabled, when a page is rendered, each translated string is checked against each of the selected locales and logged individually if there is a translation gap.


After enabling the functionality in the system config as stated above, any time a string is run through the translator but no translation for the selected locale(s) is found, the string along with other useful information will be logged.

To see a summary of untranslated strings, visit Reports -> Untranslated Strings -> Untranslated Strings Summary in Magento admin. This report shows a summary of untranslated strings by locale. Additionally, you can perform the following actions:

  • Purge: this removes strings from the untranslated strings report which have since had translations added. This allows you to clean up the report after adding new translations to address previous gaps.
  • Truncate: this removes all strings from the report for the given locale(s).

To see a full report of this log, visit Reports -> Untranslated Strings -> Untranslated Strings Report in the Magento admin. This report shows all logged untranslated strings and allows you to filter, sort, and export.


Currently, the module introduces a small to moderate performance penalty, depending on the number of locales you have configured to check. However, this penalty is realized only if enabled in system configuration. That means that it should be safe to have installed on both production and stage, but you probably don't want to enable it on production all the time.

Note that it's disabled by default.