Better Navigation in React Native
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Docs Update Sep 22, 2016
.gitignore init Navigation RFC Dec 22, 2015 Create Jun 13, 2017

Note: Use React Navigation now instead

This project was developed in early 2016 and has since matured and combined with Expo's Ex-Navigation project to form a new effort: React Navigation. Please use that instead, and collaborate with the community to improve it!

DEPRECATED NavigationExperimental

This was an 2016 RFC for a new Navigation system for react native, with focus on the following improvements over <Navigator />:

  • Single-directional data flow, using reducers to manipulate top-level state object
  • Navigation logic and routing must be independent from view logic to allow for a variety of native and js-based navigation views
  • Improved modularity of scene animations, gestures, and navigation bars

If you're confused about all the navigation options, look at the Navigation Comparison doc.


NavigationExperimental has recently been moved from here to the open source RN repo: