trivial tool to remap "fullbright" colours in quake texture wads
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Quake texture tool for removing fullbright pixels in wad files.

Usage: defullbright [-preview] [-list list.txt] wadfile1.wad [wadfile2.wad] [...]

The default mode will save a copy of each of the provided wads with the suffix -defullbright.wad. Fullbright pixels in all textures (at all mip-levels) are swapped with the closest non-fullbright color.

With the -list list.txt you can specify only certain texture names to be de-fullbrighted. The list.txt file should be a text file with one texture name per line.

With the -preview flag, the tool will generate previews (one .tga file per texture that has fullbrights, saved to the current directory) of how textures look at a dim light level so you can visually check for fullbright pixels. Brightness of the fullbright pixels is boosted to make sure the stand out. No de-fullbrighting is performed.

The general workflow is first use:

defullbright.exe -preview my_wad.wad

then, inspect the .tga files. If they are all "accidental" fullbright pixels, process the whole wad with:

defullbright.exe my_wad.wad

Otherwise, make a list of the bad texture names and save it to a "bad.txt" file, and run:

defullbright.exe -list bad.txt my_wad.wad

NOTE: WAD3 (Half-Life) wads are also supported; the palette for all textures is assumed to be the Quake palette.


  • v0.2
    • Tweaked settings for -preview to make the fullbright pixels more visible
    • Added -list option
    • For fence textures (textures starting with {), index 255 is left as-is
  • v0.1
    • Initial release


by Eric Wasylishen; but most of the code is from lmp2pcx by LordHavoc, under the GPLv2+ license.