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Javascript Basics Study Guide


This is a collection of problems that will help you prepare for a competitive bootcamp technical interview. I personally went to App Academy, but interviewed and got accepted into Hack Reactor, Galvanize and Coding Dojo as well.

Hot Study Tips

  • Know on a high-level what Test Driven Development is.
  • Know how to work your way around Chrome Dev Tools (thats where the specs will be run for the test).
  • Be able to write any function as a monkey patch or on the global scope (where applicable).
  • Love yourself and sleep and eat veggies.

Debug in Chrome!

To debug, copy the path of index.html and replace the problems filename in the script tag, open index.html in the browser, and use Chrome Dev Tools. This debugging tool is a game-changer for solving these problems. Definitely recommend.

The Problems

Step 1: Get Familiar with Javascript

  • disemvowel
  • doubler
  • factors
  • median
  • dups
  • primes
  • sumArgs

Step 2: Know Enough to Pass the Test

This is the bulk of where your work lies. Yes, some of these questions will challenge you, but these are the type of problems you should be prepared to answer.

  • bubbleSort
  • jumbleSort
  • caesarsCipher
  • pigLatin
  • realWordsInString
  • symmetricSubStrings
  • titleize
  • twoSum
  • firstEvenNumsSum
  • fibSum
  • recSum
  • myEvery
  • mySome
  • myForEach
  • myInject
  • myReject
  • myJoin
  • myReverse
  • mySelect
  • luckySevens

Step 3: Become a Badass

  • myFlatten
  • myRotate
  • *myTranspose
  • *myZip
  • rangeRecursive
  • exponents
  • factorialsRec

Step 4: Above and beyond

Mainly all Recursion problems - seriously well beyond what you'd be asked in a technical interview for a bootcamp. These are problems you'd be asked in a technical interview for a JOB.

  • binarySearch
  • mergeSort
  • quickSort
  • stringIncludeKey
  • subsets
  • baseConverter
  • digitalRoot
  • deepDup
  • permutations
  • primeFactorization

Step 5: Advanced JavaScript Functionality

  • myBind (requires knowledge of bind - Advanced!)
  • inherits (requires knowledge of Prototypal Inheritance)
  • curry (requires knowledge of currying. Which is seriously super advanced.)
  • curriedSum