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Sned song link, save to Youtube Music + Spotify playlists

Get Started

Config file

  • Make a copy of config.template.js to config.js.

Discord bot

  • Create a new app from the Discord Developers portal. Copy the token.
  • Paste your Discord Bot's token into the DISCORD_TOKEN field.


  • Sign up for a Spotify Developer account, create a new project, and paste the relevant values into SPOTIFY_CLIENT_ID and SPOTIFY_CLIENT_SECRET.
  • Add as an authorized redirect URI in your Spotify project.


  • Create a Firebase project and create an admin service account.
  • Download the admin service account credentials into a file named firebase-admin-key.json.
  • Copy the database URL and paste it into FIREBASE_DATABASE_URL.

Google Cloud

  • Create a new Google Cloud project, configure the OAuth consent screen, and create a new OAuth Client ID credential here.
  • Add as an authorized redirect URI in your Google Cloud credential.
  1. Remember to enable the Youtube Data API from the Google Cloud API Library page!

Putting it all together

  • Create a Spotify playlist and a Youtube Music playlist, and copy their IDs (you can get them as portions of the shareable URLs); paste them into the relevant fields
  • Run the bot using npm start
  • Invite the bot to your server using the link provided by the Discord Developers portal.
  • The bot will instruct you to run the login command, and two auth URLs will be sent to your DMs. Open both links in the browser to link your account.
  • Now, when you send a song link to any channel in the server, it will add the song to both Youtube Music and Spotify playlists!~
  • You can include !ignore in your message to prevent the bot from adding the song to the playlists.


Sned song link, save to Youtube + Spotify playlists






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