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== 2014.11.08.20:
- FIX: date and time were saved as milliseconds instead of seconds (not noticeable by users but still an issue).
== 2014.10.25.08:
- FIX: small corrections to Italian title of PMTD and thank you to translator.
- DEV: Lintian fixes around ndash.
== 2014.10.19.10:
- NEW: Add Italian language, thanks to UP (and down), and few other language corrections.
- DEV: fix too much escaped apostrophes in the italian translation.
== 2014.05.01.18:
- NEW: Volunteers can translate the app under
- NEW: Spanish translation thanks to Rober xphnx
- FIX: hint for result is now visible on older versions of Android.
- NEW: hint for result shows shortcuts for chosen preferences.
- NEW: shortcuts for preferences are shown in the preferences dialog.
- DEV: replaced strings-{es,de,fr}.xml files with versions from Transifex.
- DEV: multiple string format changes in order to be compatible with transifex in Spanish and English.
- DEV: moved prefs string function from IntegerProvider to new abstract class APrefs.
- DEV: make Prefs classes extend APrefs to profit from toString function.
- DEV: reformatted the strings.xml files to do clean-up.
- DEV: add market.xml and translations for translation of strings used in the market description.
- DEV: slightly updated Spanish strings, especially to get rid of errors.
- DEV: small changes to get language list correct in strings.
- DEV: added getPrefsString method to IntegerProvider class (will move!)
== 2014.03.01.17:
- DEV: added DOCTYPE entry to all XML files to avoid Eclipse warnings about missing DTD or schema
- DEV: get rid of warning because Display import isn't needed anymore.
- CHG: add screen density info to bug or enhancement email.
- DEV: added --no-pager to git command to avoid paging and cutting long lines.
- DEV: added small shell script to retrieve all log messages since last tag (useful for changelog).
- CHG: bigger buttons with icons added for small fingers and little eyes.
== 2014.02.08.18:
- FIX: small typo (can instead of kann) in German translation.
- FIX: menu available again on Android tablets through use of ActionBar.
- CHG: the appearance has changed slightly due to quite heavy style rewriting.
- CHG: the dialogs to create users and challenges have been re-styled (still some work to do).
== 2013.09.15.17:
- FIX: typo in German preferences
- FIX: especially for multiplications and divisions, the numbers are better balanced, giving more interesting questions (Closes: Issues #2 and #3).
- NEW: High-scores list when long pressing on challenges.
- DEV: renamed the random functions and made them return numbers
including the max boundary + removed non linear getLong function +
adapted IntegerProvider to changes done.
- DEV: added HighscoresCursorAdapter class to present nicely highscores in their list
- DEV: Bumped the targetSdkVersion to 18 (4.3) - no impact expected
- DEV: added HighscoresList Activity with all list layouts pertaining to it
- DEV: smaller lint corrections.
== 2013.05.04.13
- NEW: High-score ranking is shown when ending a challenge if under 50 best (you can't get a list yet).
- DEV: new class HighscoresDbAdapter.
- DEV: moved all DB related classes to a separate 'db' package.
== 2013.02.03.13
- CHG: divisions with max applied to big number should be more "interesting".
- CHG: copyright 2012-2013 instead of 2012 (nobody cares, I know).
- DEV: new class util.RandomNonLinear derived from java.util.Random to get nextLong and non linear distribution.
== 2013.01.13.13:
- CHG: texts have been modified to show nicer and more international quote signs.
- NEW: win/loss dialogs show the actual result or the given answer.
- NEW: win/loss dialogs of training allows to jump directly to the next exercise.
- FIX: state of training or challenge was not properly saved when rotating device.
- DEV: moved to git at
== 2012.12.18.20:
- NEW: challenge mode can now be used and shows a result with score (which can't yet be stored).
- CHG: specific title for each activity.
- DEV: new ChallengeRoundActivity activity.
== 2012.12.02.21:
- FIX: correct function of new exercise button (sorry!).
- FIX: correct labels for challenge context menu (only in English).
- DEV: create superclass PmtdRoundActivity and derive/rename TrainingRoundActivity (was PlusMinusTimesDivideActivity).
== 2012.11.24.09:
- NEW: bigger icons for high-density screens.
- NEW: challenge mode still a stub, user can be selected, challenge created/renamed, but not used (yet).
- CHG: last trained operation is remembered after leaving the app.
- NEW: hints about subtracting and dividing same numbers.
- DEV: created interface for prefs and start to use it.
- DEV: create all "Challenge" classes.
== 2012.10.06.11:
- NEW: stub of a challenge mode (just user list, where users can be created/deleted/renamed). Work in progress!
- CHG: menus have icons (looks nicer).
- NEW: An about dialog with the possibility to send feedback.
- DEV: Make Prefs a non-static class and adapt usage accordingly (still preparation for challenge mode).
- DEV: Stop fiddling with and use instead INumberProvider.PLUS/MINUS/etc
- DEV: Bumped minimum API level from 4 to 7 aka Android 2.1 (according to statistics, shouldn't impact any user).
== 2012.07.01.20:
- CHG: more colourful / playful interface (more funny than good-looking, design isn't my strength)
- NEW: Added time counter and preference to make it visible (or not by default).
- CHG: Number of decimal places has become specific to operation.
- NEW: Preference to divide integers with rest having decimal places, the "Jocki" option :o).
- FIX: Language of preferences changes as language preference changes (no need to go out and back in).
- DEV: Refactored main Activity to centralize all findViewById calls in onCreate (might improve performance).
- DEV: Split Prefs and PrefsActivity in order to prepare for later challenge mode.
== 2012.05.29.10:
- CHG: New fixed version in Play Store (see details in description of old entry)
- NEW: Landscape specific layout.
- NEW: Further beautification with smileys in pop-up menus.
- FIX: Small correction in German hints for multiplications by nine (9).
- DEV: Changed package name to eu.lavarde.pmtd
== 2012.05.12.19:
- CHG: Slightly more compact user interface.
- FIX: Really correctly fixed the language issue this time (hopefully).
- FIX: The old language fix created issues on older Android versions (2.1/2.2 and older)
- CHG: Press the Return button to check the answer given.
== 2012.05.06.17:
- NEW: preference to train a specific table of addition or multiplication.
- NEW: the program gives hints when the answer given is wrong (send me your tips if you have some more).
- CHG: more children friendly interface (still work in progress).
- FIX: application should be correctly set (Android isn't meant for this).
- FIX: there were quite a lot of overflow errors that needed fixing.
- CHG: maximum 4 decimal places (to avoid overflows indeed).
- DEV: isMaxOperands renamed to isSmallNumbersMax for more clarity.
== 2012.04.07.18:
- NEW: maximum number of tries per exercise.
== 2012.03.25.12:
- initially released version