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Erwin's Arduboy Collection


You can browse this repo here:

Json file for the repository:

Play games


  1. Install Arduboy Uploader

  2. Browse this repository using, if you clicked yes to the arduboy: protocol association when installing Arduboy Uploader, you can click "Upload to my Arduboy", otherwise just download the games and open Arduboy Uploader manually

Also, check out alternatives for this platform.


  1. Install Arby Utility

  2. Click "Upload to my Arduboy" in and follow Arduboy Utility steps in your phone

Also, check out alternatives for this platform.


Submit your game

  1. Fork this repo (If you do not get what this step means, stop and follow this steps) and also Star this repo
  2. Create a new unique folder (case insensitive) for your game under an existent category folder (i.e. Arcade, RPG, etc)
  3. Inside your folder, place:
Filename Description
anything.hex Your compiled game for the Arduboy (check below for more details)
anything.png Banner image / screenshot of the game
anything.url Game details URL (using the typical browser format for bookmark files, check below)
game.ini Information of the game (check below for format details)
source.url (Optional) Contains the URL of the source code of the game
  1. Sync your fork and Create a Pull request

game.ini format

title=Game name
description=Description of the game
license=Identifier of the license used in the game

Instead of typing the date and time for the date variable, you can use:

For the license variable, you need to use one of the identifiers defined here:

You can also add the following entry to reference a remote file. If you are linking to github, make sure it is the "Raw" version of the url and not the github details for the file. You can include extra files, but they wont appear anywhere and your Pull Request may not be accepted if the commit is too messy.


This file is parsed by php's parse-ini-file function, try to avoid trailing spaces.

.url format

TIP: You can drag from the left side of your browser's address bar to a folder to get the .url file of the current webpage


A webhook updates the repository static json file after a commit automatically.

Get your game.hex file

  1. Open your code in Arduino IDE
  2. Click Sketch / Export compiled Binary
  3. Click Sketch / Show Sketch Folder

WARNING: Do not use the with_bootloader.leonardo.hex file. This file may brick your Arduboy. Arduboy Uploader will protect your Arduboy from this kind of issues, but if you manage to brick your device, check the following instructions


Collection of Arduboy compiled games, demos and applications. Fork the repo and add your own games via Pull requests.








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