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Cannot connect to port after installing service XY on new VM, what's wrong?

Some Danube Cloud images have firewall enabled by default. Check you firewall settings.

Why I'm not able to access the API?

Please check and allow API access for your user account. Also, please make sure that you are using a valid username and password or API key.

What is an API key?

Generated key that can be used instead of user/password authentication. It is visible in the user's profile in Danube Cloud.

What is a callback key?

Generated key which is used to verify, if a callback response comes from you Danube Cloud installation.

How shall I verify callbacks with a callback key?

The callback response will contain a random token and a verification string. You should generate your own verification string by attaching the callback key after the random token and create an MD5 hash from the string. If your MD5 hash matches the verification string you can be sure the callback came from your Danube Cloud system.

How to upload a custom ISO image?

Unfortunately, this feature is not built into Danube Cloud yet, but Danube Cloud supports custom ISO images. These images need to be distributed manually onto your compute node(s) into the /iso folder.

How to enable built-in monitoring and better alerts and graphs?

Monitoring and more accurate VM resource graphs can be turned on by enabling a monitoring agent, which is preconfigured in our VM disk images.

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