Network down in VMs after update of cloud init or CentOS

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After updating the cloud-init package to version >=0.7.7, which is used in our official CentOS images, the network interface name in your VMs may change.

WARNING: This may lead to network interfaces being down after reboot! Please be aware, that this may also affect correct operation of your firewall and applications.


The new cloud-init package reads the interface name from the VM configuration on SmartOS. The default name of network interfaces in KVM virtual machines in Danube Cloud is net<id>. However, the old cloud-init ignored this and usually the NICs were named eth<id> in your Linux guest OS. Our old CentOS images have a network auto-configuration in /etc/rc.d/rc.local, which expects only interfaces named eth<id>.

Additionally, cloud-init (at least version 0.7.9) attempts to configure the network interfaces automatically. However, it tries to use a static IP configuration (read from the SmartOS datasource), which is wrong - the NICs in the guest OS should be configured via DHCP.

Affected Danube Cloud appliances


The suggested fix is to disable network configuration in cloud-init. This can be achieved by adding the following lines into /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg:

  config: disabled

If you've already rebooted and cannot access your VM, you can log in via the Danube Cloud HTML console and perform the fix there.

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