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Small issues

  • Allow multiple VM replicas (EE, janci, dano)
  • Safe node colors (dano)
  • Add Twilio as SMS provider (ricco)
  • Add 428 HTTP status code into sphinxcontrib-httpdomain (dano)
  • Add AD/LDAP auth support (janci)
  • Improve Sphinx documentation search (palo)
  • Improve VM import (create import script and update user guide) (janci)
    • include image conversion script directly to image server (janci) - related to #140
  • Snapshots and checkpoints...

Big issues

  • libcloud (janci)
  • INSTALLER: allow creating multiple networks, aggregations and nic tags at install time (janci)
  • Build PFSense image - inspiration and bonus objective (janci)
  • Flot chart is misleading when there are no data for some time range (line should be not approximate but invisible when there are no data (palo)
  • Add support for VM user groups (janci)
  • Force Shutdown VM from VM list (janci)
  • Replace hostnames with UUIDs in GUI HTML IDs (dano)
  • Switch to vmadm nics.*.ips and nics.*.gateways attributes (dano, miro)
  • Add metadata column to bulk VM import using xls file (janci)
  • Simple virtual datacenter wizard (ricco)
  • Simple virtual datacenter removal (detaching shouldn't be done piece by piece) (?)
  • NEW qemu / KVM2 branch (dano)
  • Live migration (janci)
  • Switch Django AutoField to BigAutoField in some models (dano)
  • Authentication using client SSL certificate (otis)
  • Support for a graceful shutdown from UPS (NetworkUPSTools, APCUPSD, ...) (?)
  • Node IPMI configuration (?)
  • VM configuration cloning (dano)
  • Clone snapshot into new/other VM (dano)
  • In GUI the VM filter in secondary menu should support server names as well as tags (current behavior) (miro)
  • Two Factor Authentication (ricco)
  • VM template management (dano)
  • Upload ISO images via GUI (dano)
  • Upload VM images via GUI/API (janci); Bonus: auto convert of vmdk or vdi images after upload
  • Add Gmail-like keyboard shortcuts to GUI (miro)
  • Debug data collector (collect anonymized information from log files and command output) (otis)
  • Flat GUI design, sharp corners, etc... (dano)
  • Create VM snapshots from the server list, so they can be synchronized.. e.g: app+db consistency (janci)
  • Zabbix webcheck integration (dano)
  • Add progress bar for image import (into image server, onto compute node) (janci)
  • Add progress bar for VM migration (janci)
  • Fix DELETE /task/(task_id) (palo, dano)
  • Document answers.json install file (dano)
  • Dashboard (dano)
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