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Update of gcc 4.3.2 for eCos to support libstdcxx. Port of Spidermonkey 1.7.0 to eCos. Port of SQLite 3.5.1 to eCos. A number of necessary enhancements of eCos to support libstdcxx and to support the port of Spidermonkey and the port of SQLite.
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This repository has a number of enhancements to the eCos operating system:

	1. Port of Spidermonkey version 1.7.0 to eCos.
	   Spidermonkey is a JavaScript engine.
	2. Port of SQLite version 3.5.1 to eCos.
	   SQLite is an SQL database engine. Most of the functionality of SQLite is ported.
	3. Update of the gcc compiler officially supported (version 4.3.2) for compiling eCos. The compiler
	   is updated to support multithreading (libstdcxx etc.).
	4. Updates of eCos to support the above listed enhancements.
The enhancements are organized in independent subdirectories in the repository. Each subdirectory has its
own README files that further describes the enhancement.
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